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Lotta Hulthén Monfort

Lotta Hulthén, born 1955 in Helsingborg, travels at the age of 19 to Paris. She spends one year in Paris and one year in Stockholm. She then continues her travel to Montreal to fulfil a three-year modellingcontract. Immediately upon arrival Lotta stumbles across a woman who comes to play an important role in Lotta´s future careerchoices, Sandra Baly.

Saundra Baly, a Modern Art graduate, teaches Lotta in various artforms. In addition to drawings, animated films and modelling assignments Saundra and Lotta cooperates with the theatre setup Burlesque Cabaret.

When Lotta turns 25 years old she returns to Stockholm and spends one year simultaneously studying at the Folk High School Grundis and Cinema Studies at Stockholm University - Department of Media Studies. 

In Stockholm Lotta meets a Frenchman,  the father of her two daughters. Lotta Hulthén and her family thereafter settle down in beautiful Provance for 16 years.

In 2001 Lotta  moves back to her childhood town Helsingborg together with her daughters. This is where she currently lives and works.

Lotta Hulthén Monfort is a multifaceted artist who works with art in various forms and she has numerous of exhibitions, mainly in the Netherlands, France and Sweden.

Lotta works with both painting and sculpture to give expression to her art. Creating wonderful shapes and colours in beautiful compositions!









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